About Us


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sal La Paglia, and I am the owner and founder of Bath Connection since 1994.  I’ve been in the bathroom business for 20 years now working in Suffolk County.  I have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms throughout the years. 

In 1989, I was fortunate enough to work as an installer for a Company called Bath Factory.  The owner averaged approximately 100 bathrooms a year, and that’s when I learned the whole concept of installing bathrooms from start to finish.  The experience I got made me realize I was ready to start my own business.  Since then I’ve established a reputable business.

 I am a bathroom specialist. I have devoted 100% of my time into developing Bath Connection and contribute this to my success. I believe in working on one job at a time and successfully completing one job before starting another.

I specialize in doing bathrooms only, by doing this, it allows me to develop an efficient remodeling process.  This helps to eliminate the typical frustrations and headaches you may experience when not hiring a professional craftsman.  I believe in a different approach of doing only one thing and doing it exceptionally well!

Whatever your dream bathroom may be, Bath Connection will design and build a well organized bathroom that fits your needs.

Sal La Paglia, Bath Connection
Suffolk License #23668-HI